Update: Virtual Conference Archive Accessibility

September 18, 2009

As most of you know, ICMA ventured into the world of virtual conferences this year by live-streaming selected onsite conference content from Monday and Tuesday to a virtual audience.  The best part about this new offering? The content is being archived and will be available to both virtual and onsite attendees in a few short days! When released, you will have access to two keynote addresses for a week, 20 educational sessions for 30 days, and all of the solutions tracks for a year.

We expect the content to be available early next week.  Here’s how it will work for the following groups of members:

  • Virtual attendees will use their username and password to access the e-conference gateway page, where the content is hosted.
  • Onsite registrants will receive login and Web site information from Granicus (ICMA’s partner in this endeavor) via email as soon as the materials are ready. Non-attendee Managers in Transition will receive complimentary access at this same time.

Please note: you can only receive this information if you have an email address on file with ICMA. Visit http://icma.org/update and make sure your record is current.

Thanks for your patience in understanding the slight delay in providing access to the archived content—we promise it will be available shortly! In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact customerservices@icma.org.


Improved Health and Reduced Costs

September 15, 2009
I just attended the educational session entitled “Breaking Individual Inertia: A Pathway to Improved Health and Reduced Costs”.
Bill Reindl from CIGNA shared a fresh perspective on innovative ways to get individuals actively engaged in their health — and important health care decisions.  Interestingly, he began with an exercise to show attendees how their employee health benefit strategy relates to the benefits they offer.  For example, how managers, their HR directors and employees view their role in employee health.
Ultimately I learned that each of these stakeholders plays a critical role and shares in the responsibility for health.
Mr. Reindl noted that for many stakeholders change is a challenge. He reviewed critical components of effective strategies to get employers and employees engaged in health improvement to lower costs. 

ICMA Signs Agreement with Visible Strategies

September 14, 2009
Yesterday, ICMA staff member Wayne Sommer signed (on behalf of ICMA) an agreement with Visible Strategies, a Vancouver-based software firm that focuses on sustainability.  As part of the agreement, ICMA will receive three-licenses to use their See It software for three years.  The best part? ICMA member communities will receive a 10% discount. 
As for us, ICMA will use the software to report progress on the implementation of the strategic plan, in the Center for Sustainability, and in the Center for Performance Measurement.  In the near future, we will be providing a promo code for communities to use to purchase through ICMA.  Additionally, Visible Strategies will be a founding co-sponsor of the ICMA Center for Sustainability.
Questions? Contact Wayne at wsommer@icma.org.  

Real Challenges/Real Results-Employee Health

September 14, 2009
I just attended the Real Challenges/Real Results employee benefit educational session. I came away with a better understanding about how local government managers can save money on health costs by incorporating several strategies: benefits integration; health plan selection; and tailored employee health programs.  
Reggie White from CIGNA talked about how integrating benefits such as medical, dental, behaviorial, pharmacy, and disability can yield significant savings.  He also explained how companies are now offering new plan designs that have proven medical cost savings. 
Mr. White said that many jurisdictions are benefiting from tailoring their employee health programs.  For example, when jurisdiction introduce programs such as maternity/oral health based on the employee population profile, then this creates a win-win situation for the employer and employee as well
Mr. White concluded the session by explaining that making enrollment and ongoing employee benefit management more efficient are a real plus for local governments, improving productivity for HR and employees.

Solutions for your Community

September 14, 2009

Times are tough, budgets are tight, but the show must go on.  Your constituents still want the services they have come to expect.  So if you have been racking your brain for solutions to your local government challenges look no further.  Along with a variety of topics addressed in the Educational Program conference attendees can find answers in the 2009 Solutions Track.  22 sessions will run in three Theaters in the Exhibit Hall Monday from 9:45am-5:15pm and Tuesday 9:45am-2:00pm.

A full list of the Solutions Track sessions can be found in your final program, some of the subjects covered in the solutions track include: Community Branding, Tackling Economic Challenges, Performance Measurement, Public Safety, Service Delivery, Sustainable Communities, Technology, and Workforce Issues.

Thank you to all our speakers and sponsors for contributing to this year’s program.

Don’t Miss the Exhibit Hall

September 13, 2009

The 2009 ICMA Annual Conference Exhibit Hall is alive with activity this morning as exhibitors from all over the world prepare their booths for the opening reception.  The ICMA Pavillion and Bookstore have a new inviting layout and lots of new ICMA resources and publications.  This year’s 94 exhibitors include 9 international companies and 22 ICMA Strategic Partners.  Check out the floorplan to map out your visit.

There are lots of opportunities to visit the hall over the next three days, but don’t miss the opening tonight after the general session: Welcoming Reception: The Flavors of Old and New Montréal-5 to 7 pm in Exhibit Hall 220CDE.

For more opportunities to learn about public-private partnership successes visit the Solutions Track sessions on Monday and Tuesday.

ICMA Strategic Partners Meet with the ICMA Leadership

September 13, 2009

This morning, ICMA Executive Director Bob O’Neill kicked of the 2009 ICMA Strategic PartnerAnnual Meeting by welcoming more than 40 Strategic Partner representatives to Montreal.  He thanked them for their strong, sustained commitment to ICMA’s programs and activities throughout the year.

ICMA President Dave Limardi, ICMA President-Elect Darnell Early, and newly hired ICMA Director of Strategic Initiatives Ron Carlee also joined the meeting and shared their perspectives on the challenges facing local governments.  Dave spoke about ethics as a core value for the public and private sectors, while Darnell emphasized the value of partnerships between the public and private sector in helping local governments achieve financial success.  Finally, Ron Carlee discussed the challenges facing local governments as they work to create sustainable communities.  The Strategic Partners thanked ICMA’s leaders for giving them their perspectives.

For more information about the many ways Strategic Partners are supporting ICMA’s mission, please the latest Strategic Partner Highlights.