Teaching. Impart Your Knowledge, and Inspire a New Generation

September 14, 2009

TextbooksOn Monday afternoon, Ray Cox and Mark Levin gave a talk about how managers can break into teaching. Some quick tips from Mark and Ray (though not Bob and Ray, they were still pretty punchy) on how to break into teaching at the MPA, undergraduate or community college level:

  1. Start with your family. Teaching will take time away from whatever free time you currently have.
  2. Check with your council. Reassure them that this extra duty will not impact your performance, and could even have a positive impact on your work.
  3. Pitch your passion to a local school. What is one thing you are an expert in, and you are excited enough to teach? Budgeting? Performance measurement? Economic development? Community Outreach?
  4. Start as a guest lecturer; this often leads to an adjunct professorship.
  5. Don’t worry if you don’t have a PhD. A PhD is great, but only really necessary if you want to become a full-time professor and join the faculty.

Check-in with your state association, and Range Rider. Some state associations have relationships with MPA programs, and many Range Riders speak at schools to promote the profession. They could help facilitate contact.  If they don’t have those connections, that’s a great opening to be the one who creates those connections!

Teachers have a huge impact on attracting students to the local government management profession. Most students or Fellows I speak with say, “My professor told me to apply for a fellowship, and it was one of the best career moves I’ve made,” or, “My advisor told me to join ICMA, and I’m glad I did.”  And think about it – some of our most interesting professors teach from experience, with real stories and the power to inspire from lessons learned in practice.

ICMA has some resources for those who teach, and are interested in teaching. Visit:


Day One at my First ICMA Conference

September 13, 2009

It is day one at my first ICMA Conference. Sunny skies here in Montreal, Canada and the attendees are starting to roll in from throughout the City.  I have already run into a few familiar faces from California including Frank Benest, Mary Strenn, and Debra Kurita.

Speed Coaching ROCKED!  Got coached by Jan Perkins, Ed Shikada, and Daniel Rich all from California.  The one-on-one coaching was oustanding!  Keep it coming…

ACMA and MCCMA Sign Affiliate Agreements

September 12, 2009

At this afternoon’s State Officers’ Roundtable, ICMA President Dave Limardi signed affiliate agreements with representatives of the Arizona City/County Management Association and the Maryland City/County Management Association. MCMA President David Moran talked about the benefit of their particular arrangement with ICMA, in which ICMA acts as the secretariat.

ICMA President Limarid and Arizona Senior Advisor Lloyd Harrell.

ICMA President Limarid and Arizona Senior Advisor Lloyd Harrell after signing their agreement.

MCMA President David Moran and ICMA President Limardi after signing their agreement.

MCCMA President David Moran and ICMA President Limardi after signing their agreement.

Breaking News: IHN and ICMA Sign Agreement

September 12, 2009

Outgoing ICMA President Dave Limardi and International Hispanic Network president Jane Bias Disessa have just signed an affiliation agreement to ensure programmatic collaboration between ICMA and IHN, the leading hispanic voice in local government. Highlights of the agreement include:

  • Establishing regular meetings between the leadership of the organizations;
  • Coordinating planning for each organization’s conference; and
  • Supporting membership recruitment efforts for both organizations.

Contact Rita Ossolinski at rossolinski@icma.org for more information.