John Hope Bryant: Opening Session Video

October 9, 2009

Miss the opening session of the ICMA Annual Conference? John Hope Bryant has posted video from his presentation on his Web site. Check it out here!


And the Academy Award Goes to…ICMA?

September 30, 2009

Did you know ICMA has a YouTube site full of videos on local government? The run the gamut of topics and production quality, but all provide valuable information about ICMA and the profession. A personal favorite are films ICMA members submitted as part of our 2nd Annual Video Contest. This year’s challenge was to make a video that demonstrates the value of professional local government management and/or ICMA membership. The results are spectacular!

Some of my other favorite videos are the ones added most recently. Before and during the 2009 ICMA Annual Conference, staff coordinated the filming of several “PSA’s” to highlight various ICMA programs and services. There’s a mix of staff and members featured on camera talking about everything from credentialing to ELDP to the new design of PM Magazine to the benefits of 311 and CRM. Check them out to learn about the exciting opportunities that are out there. In the meantime, here’s a taste of what to expect:

Another great resource is ICMA TV, who produces high quality videos on local governments and various aspects of the conference. You can find their content at

A Look Backward and Forward: Darnell Earley Takes Helm as ICMA President Today!

September 15, 2009
What’s the incoming president of ICMA really like? In this Q&A, 2009-10 ICMA President Darnell Earley discusses his career, his inspirations, and his future vision for ICMA.
Darnell speaking at NE Regional Meeting

Darnell speaking at NE Regional Meeting


Assistants Luncheon

September 14, 2009

Had a wonderful time listening to Pam Antil at the Assistants Luncheon.  Here are my take-a-ways from the lunch:

-Look ahead, spot the dangers, alter the course

-Be a connector of people

-Create a “Who List” of people you can count on to talk to about the big things and the little things in your life and who can keep it real for you

-Your network and your connections need year round care and feeding, don’t neglect them

-There are only 2 Big Decisions you have to make in life 1) Where you are going and 2) Who you are going to take with you.


10 + 1: Montreal Conference Interview with ICMA President Dave Limardi

September 14, 2009
Limardi, Dave (small)
Wanna learn more about current ICMA President Dave Limardi? In this article from, Dave speaks candidly about his influences, his year as president, and what the future holds for him and for ICMA.

Did you hear John Hope Bryant?

September 13, 2009

If you missed out on this year’s Opening General Session Speaker, John Hope Bryant…here’s some of the take-a-ways I jotted down from this phenomenal speaker.

1) Make big bets and keep small promises;

2) What you didn’t know you didn’t know is what will kill you – i.e. knowledge is power;

3) Success is not a popularity contest;

4) Live your life in the 8-10 range…i.e. the excellence category range on the life scale of 1-10;

5) Finally, be an EAGLE and not a Turkey!

Can’t wait for tomorrow….

Get Advice from ICMA Consulting Services

September 12, 2009

Are you looking for expert advice on how to handle an issue facing your jurisdiction? Visit the ICMA Pavilion in the exhibit hall for one-on-one mini advice sessions with members of the ICMA Consulting Services team. You can receive free, onsite advice in fiscal health and wellness, workforce deployment and development, leadership and organizational effectiveness, and citizen engagement.

  • Craig Rapp, director of ICMA Consulting Services, and Chuck Schwabe, director of Management Services for ICMA Consulting Services, will provide advice in areas such as lean thinking, Baldrige for government, and council-staff relations.
  • Jon Johnson and Chris Fabian, senior management consultants, will offer advice in closing a budget gap and achieving long-term financial sustainability.
  • Leonard Matarese, director of Public Safety Services for ICMA Consulting Services, and his team of senior public safety services consultants will offer advice on appropriate, cost-effective staffing for police and fire departments, and more.

Visit for more information about how your membership organization can help your jurisdiction.