And the Academy Award Goes to…ICMA?

September 30, 2009

Did you know ICMA has a YouTube site full of videos on local government? The run the gamut of topics and production quality, but all provide valuable information about ICMA and the profession. A personal favorite are films ICMA members submitted as part of our 2nd Annual Video Contest. This year’s challenge was to make a video that demonstrates the value of professional local government management and/or ICMA membership. The results are spectacular!

Some of my other favorite videos are the ones added most recently. Before and during the 2009 ICMA Annual Conference, staff coordinated the filming of several “PSA’s” to highlight various ICMA programs and services. There’s a mix of staff and members featured on camera talking about everything from credentialing to ELDP to the new design of PM Magazine to the benefits of 311 and CRM. Check them out to learn about the exciting opportunities that are out there. In the meantime, here’s a taste of what to expect:

Another great resource is ICMA TV, who produces high quality videos on local governments and various aspects of the conference. You can find their content at


Credentialing Receptions and Crazy Emails

September 15, 2009

When I logged in to find emails from 58 ICMA Credentialed Managers within 5 minutes, I knew something was up! If you’re like the hundreds of other ICMA Credentialed Managers who received a lapse notice or odd reminder even though you already submitted or got an extension, please delete! Or, if you can’t get into the system, no worries. It should be fixed by next week. It went crazy and decided to play on April Fool’s Joke on us in September.

On to the real point of this post…it was great to see all the ICMA Credentialed Managers & Candidates at the reception last night. (I promise we did not send out lapse emails just to get higher attendance at the reception, but it may have worked out that way.) Everyone had a good time putting names with faces, chatting with the Credentialing Advisory Board, and meeting each other. If you’re eligible but not yet credentialed, do it this year and we’ll see you at the reception in San Jose!

Speed Coaching

September 13, 2009

Earlier today, more than 25 students and young professionals joined us for a little session we like to call Speed Coaching. If any of you all have heard of speed dating, it’s a similar concept, except we’re focused on giving the next generation of local government professional an opportunity to ask career questions of managers who have been in the business for several decades. Each round lasted for 8 minutes, at which point moderator Frank Benest (decked out in ref gear!) would blow the whistle, signaling all of the next gen folks to move tables and find another manager to chat with.  It was TERRIFIC to feel the energy in the group–I think both the younger and older folks enjoyed themselves and learned a little in the quick hour they had together!  If you missed it this year, get in touch with Rob Carty ( to make sure you take part in San Jose!

Coaches and "Quarterbacks" during one of the eight minute rounds

Coaches and "Quarterbacks" during one of the eight minute rounds

Congratulations to the Newest Legacy Leaders

September 11, 2009

We celebrate the commitment of the newest Legacy Leaders to the future of the profession through their coaching and encouraging emerging leaders: Greg Sund, Mark Achen, James A. Bennett, Daniel Fitzpatrick, Cynthia Seelhammer, Ted Staton, and Lee Worsley.  We know your support means so much to the young professionals you’ve helped, especially during these challenging economic times.

If you’d like to find out more about the program, visit  The 26 Legacy Leaders and 86 Legacy Leader Candidates are ICMA Credentialed Managers who recruit or sponsor one new member or emerging leaders program participant each year and coach an emerging leader for two years.