Pres. Earley: Get Passionate about Our Profession

September 16, 2009

During his first speech as ICMA president, Darnell Earley (City Manager; Saginaw, Michigan) encouraged each ICMA member to rediscover and act on their passion for the profession and public service. He highlighted professional development and personal health as 2 ways to get invigorated and invested, and also talked about the ICMA Fund for Professional Management. The Fund, as many of you know, exists to support professional local government management through civic education initiatives and involvement in form-of-government campaigns.

Darnell experienced a challenge to the council-manager form in his own community 2 years ago, so he knows firsthand how valuable the Fund and ICMA can be as resources. He says that the Fund’s support, in particular, meant so much because it represented his colleagues reaching out a helping hand in what was a very difficult time.

The Fund, as Darnell sees it, is a perfect way for ICMA members to act on their passion. During the next year, he pledged to be an advocate for the Fund with the goal of significantly increasing the number of members who donate (currently it’s only 10% of the membership). To get things started–and to show that he’ll practice what he preaches this year–Darnell wrote a check to the Fund for $1,000 and presented it on stage. But the point isn’t to have everyone at that giving level…it’s to have everyone giving.  That’s why he also encouraged people to take a first step toward donating by tossing their leftover Canadian coins and bills into buckets at the exits of the hall.  Every dollar and every donor matters!

To learn more about the Fund, visit; to make a contribution, establish a pledge, or set-up an automatically drafted recurring gift, visit Any questions you have can be directed to


Big Day for the ICMA Fund!

September 15, 2009

Kudos to the Fund Advisory Council for attending a 7 am meeting today! We spent most of the time talking about the national campaign that ICMA is designing to raise awareness about the role and value of professional local government management. Bob O’Neill outlined the details of the campaign, and we all left enthused about this once-in-a-generation opportunity to reach a broad audience with the message that professional management creates great communities. 

Of course, we also had a lengthy discussion about how to raise money to help fund the effort! We’ll be sharing more info with the membership in the coming weeks, and asking for your support…stay tuned! 

Up next for the Fund–a luncheon this afternoon honoring those donors who have contributed at least $1,000 cumulatively. A note for the attendees–remember the room change to 518BC. See you there!

Thank You to Cumulative Fund Donors!

September 4, 2009

Since the 94th ICMA Annual Conference in Richmond, Virginia, the Fund for Professional Managementhas experienced tremendous growth. We are proud to see so many ICMA members and affiliated associations donating to the Fund for the first time, but we’re also immensely grateful for sustained contributions from our long-time supporters.

A big thanks goes out to the cumulative donors listed here, each of whom has given more than $500 to the Fund over the course of their lifetime. This list is updated monthly and can always be found as an attachment on the Fund’s Web site.

The increase in donors and donations ensures the Fund continues its important work and, since Richmond, the Fund has disbursed nearly $45,000 to support professional local government management in 8 communities around the country. 

The Fund also contributes to proactive efforts that bring civic education into classrooms. We’re particularly proud of a partnership with the North Carolina City and County Management Association to update and republish their popular civic education textbook, Local Government in North Carolina, the new version of which was recently released online. In the coming months, we will work with NCCCMA to develop a generic version of the book that other states can tailor for their use.

To learn more about the Fund’s work, visit; to donate online, visit