About the Conference Blog

Bonjour! Since the 2007 ICMA Annual Conference in Pittsburgh/Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, ICMA staff have annually organized a conference blog to provide a first-hand glimpse into the event and generate content that enhances the conference experience. Last year’s blog, for example, featured Q&As with keynote speakers, quick posts from folks attending the conference for the first time, and suggestions on the best places to eat and explore around town.

This year, in an effort to go green and reduce costs, the conference blog and icma.org will host much of the content that traditionally appeared in the onsite conference newspaper. ICMA staff and members will share writing responsibilities to make the blog even more valuable as a way for attendees and non-attendees to read about keynote speakers, educational sessions, the Montreal experience, new ICMA initiatives, and a variety of other topics. You are invited to read and respond to posted blog entries with your own questions or comments to generate discussion.  

Onsite conference attendees can pick up the one-page Conference Update available each morning in the Palais des congrès. Each Update will include last-minute changes and other important reminders. All ICMA members, whether in Montreal or at their desks, will have access to conference-related articles published on icma.org.

TIP: To read information on a particular topic (Montreal, Educational Sessions, the Fund for Professional Management, etc.), use the “Categories” section on the right-hand side. Click on any of the listed options to see all posts related to that subject.

To learn more about this blog, or ICMA”s other Web 2.0 initiatives, please contact Abigail Lundy at alundy@icma.org.


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