Did you hear John Hope Bryant?

If you missed out on this year’s Opening General Session Speaker, John Hope Bryant…here’s some of the take-a-ways I jotted down from this phenomenal speaker.

1) Make big bets and keep small promises;

2) What you didn’t know you didn’t know is what will kill you – i.e. knowledge is power;

3) Success is not a popularity contest;

4) Live your life in the 8-10 range…i.e. the excellence category range on the life scale of 1-10;

5) Finally, be an EAGLE and not a Turkey!

Can’t wait for tomorrow….


2 Responses to Did you hear John Hope Bryant?

  1. Cynthiaseelhammer says:

    Points made by Bryant:

    1. City Managers don’t get the credit for what they do.
    2. Politicians make great speeches and leave it to the city managers to do the heavy lifting.
    3. No good deed goes unpunished.
    4. City mangers have been doing so much with so little for so long that they can almost do anything with nothing.
    5. City managers do what we do for a higher calling; we do it for public service not for acclaim.
    6. If you want to make God laugh, tell God your plan.
    7. ICMA was created by reformers.
    8. We are currently experiencing a “reset,” not a recession — life will not be returning to the way it was for the past 10 years; that level of prosperity is not going to return anytime soon.
    9. We are in a crisis of virtues and values: the last 20 years was a failure of greed. The focus on money was wrong and made “dumb sexy.” It takes 20 years to change a culture and we need to make smart into sexy.
    10. People can do well by doing good.

  2. Mike Baker says:

    His 5 keys to Leadership with Love were:

    1. Love creates leaders
    2. Fear fails
    3. Love makes money
    4. Vulnerability is strength
    5. Giving is getting

    And his parting comment about how we’re all professional helpers really connected with me. Great speaker.

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